I join the¬†Business in Heels Community couple of months ago and I thought straight away “wow, that’s great! A Networking Community for women and their Businesses in Melbourne. I’d love to be part of one of their Meetings!”.

And all of a sudden, couple of week ago, here is the perfect opportunity when I was asked to be the Photographer for a Networking Meeting with Natasa Denman.

Absolutely beautiful event, gorgeous people, great networking opportunities. You don’t believe me? Just look at the photos! ūüėõ

Here are few shots I took.

Business in Heels Melbourne ©Erika's Way Photography Author Natasa Denman getting ready for the night meeting with Business in Heels. ©Erika's Way Photography

Natasa is absolutely gorgeous! Her energy and her positivity are contagious. Here she is getting ready to start.Getting ready for the meeting with agenda and a glass of white wine. ©Erika's Way Photography Business in Heels meeting at Hyde street Hotel in Yarraville, Vic. ©Erika's Way PhotographyBeth Cox getting organised for the Wednesday Business in Heels meeting. ©Erika's Way Photography Business in Heels bags. ©Erika's Way PhotographyNatasa Denman Ultimate 48h Author. ©Erika's Way PhotographyBusiness in Heels Wednesday Meeting with Natasa Denman. ©Erika's Way PhotographyBusiness in Heels-Melbourne Inner West. ©Erika's Way Photography Natas Denman ©Erika's Way PhotographyNatasa Denman. Photo Copyright Erika's Way Photography and Design Natasa Denman, Ultimate 48hr Author. ©Erika's Way Photography Business in Heels at Hyde street Hotel, Yarraville, Melbourne, Vic. ©Erika's Way Photography Natasa Denman talking ©Erika's Way Photography Laughing, networking and sharing life experiences. ©Erika's Way Photography Glass of Red wine. ©Erika's Way PhotographyBusiness in Heels Melbourne Beautiful woman attending Business in Heels Meeting. ©Erika's Way PhotographyNatasa Denman signing one of her books. ©Erika's Way Photography Signing up for one of Natasa Denman Retreats. ©Erika's Way Photography Audience listening to the meeting. ©Erika's Way Photography Woman at the meeting. ©Erika's Way PhotographyBuffet at Hyde Street Hotel. ©Erika's Way Photography 'Create' Tattoo on the shoulder. ©Erika's Way Photography Beth Cox, from Business in Heels. ©Erika's Way PhotographyYvonne Moon from RoCan talking about their next event in March. ©Erika's Way Photography

This is Yvonne Moon, founder of¬†RoCan, Rotary Ovarian Cancer Research. She is a beautiful Lady committed against Ovarian Cancer. She gave a beautiful speech and invited everyone to spread the voice. She’s also organising a found raising event coming soon: the ‘RoCan annual Long Dinner’ (check here for more info).
Yvonne Moon, RoCan. ©Erika's Way Photography RoCan long table found raising event March 2017. ©Erika's Way Photography Yvonne Moon, talking about Cancer awareness. ©Erika's Way PhotographyRoCan Foundation against CancerBeth Cox and Natasa Denman. ©Erika's Way Photography

…And a little raffle! ūüôā

The winner of the raffle. ©Erika's Way Photography2017 Agenda design by Natasa Denman. ©Erika's Way Photography

Beautiful event, I’m really glad i had the chance to be there and meet everyone.

Who, What, Where and When:

Natasa Denman, The Ultimate 48hr Author (if you don’t know her, check out her blog!:))

Business In Heels Melbourne Inner West Networking Meeting

Wednesday 08.02.2017 @Hyde Street Hotel, Yarraville