After meeting Baby Alyssa at the Hospital when she was just one day old, I was lucky enough to get to visit her at her house for another Photo-shooting session, perfectly on time to celebrate her first month in this world.

It’s incredible how quickly she has changed in just a month!!!!!

Thanks again to Theo and Lauren to let me be such an active part of this beautiful moment of your life! 🙂

new born little feet ©Erika's Way Photography new born photo shooting session ©Erika's Way Photography Mum, dad and new born baby's feet in comparison ©Erika's Way Photography baby's feet and legs compared with Mum's ©Erika's Way Photography Mum and Dad and baby daughter on the big bed One month old Baby looking at the camera ©Erika's Way Photography new born hands ©Erika's Way Photography Mum cuddling her new born baby daughter ©Erika's Way Photography Baby looking up at her Mum ©Erika's Way Photographynew born Baby girl trying to talk ©Erika's Way Photography one month old of smiles ©Erika's Way Photography happy family photo shooting with new born baby daughter ©Erika's Way Photography Mum and Dad welcome their baby daughter with happiness and fun ©Erika's Way Photography Mum and Dad looking at each others while holding their beautiful new born daughter in Belgrave, vic ©Erika's Way Photography Mum caressing her new born daughter ©Erika's Way Photography