Baby Alyssa, one-day-old

So…they say new year, new start…and what’s better start than a new life?

For my very first post of the year, here something really special and exciting!!!!!

This little Masterpiece is Alyssa. She is 24 hours old. And I absolutely have no words to describe her. What do you think?

A big congratulations to Lauren and Theo: you’ve done an amazing job. 🙂

Fresh 48 photo shooting session at Knox private hospital copyright Erika's Way PhotographyMum's hand calling down new born baby fresh48 session copyright Erika's Way PhotographyNew born baby feetDad kissing his new born daughterMum and daughterPhoto shooting session at Knox private hospitalGrandma and new born baby at Knox Private hospitalCrying baby one day oldBlack and white new born photographyNew born baby in her hospital bedFresh 48 hours photo shooting sessionOld pictures of new born babyComparing mum's new born photos with new born baby


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  1. Helen Howell

    Beautiful photos Erika ^_^

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