‘One of the nicest things in life is the way we must regularly stop whatever is that we are doing and devote our attention to eating.’

Luciano Pavarotti, Italian Tenor


The local Bakery in Belgrave has recently changed management. A lovely Italian Family from the Island of Capri has taken over.

Now, please spend couple of minutes looking at the pictures below and get out there and try one of their pastries. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.



Belgrave Bakery: a real Italian Pasticceria in the Heart of the Dandenong RangesBelgrave BakeryPastries at the window of the local Belgrave BakeryBaci di Dama: traditional Italian Biscuits and Pastries at the local Bakery in Belgrave Nutella biscuitsBelgrave Bakery inside overview overview of the beautiful cakes and pastries at the local Italian style Bakery in BelgraveFresh pastries Vanilla slices from Belgrave Bakery Fresh Muffins from the local Italian Pasticceria in Belgrave. Food Photography by Erika's Way Photography glass shaped as the Italian Peninsula at the Belgrave BakeryAmazing Italian Style Biscuits in the Hills Italian style Pasticceria in the Dandenong Ranges: Business Photo shooting by Erika's Way Photography Lemon Merengue and custard pastries at the local Belgrave Bakery Coffee and birthday Cakes from Belgrave Bakery Local fresh bread from the Bakery in Belgrave, Vic, MelbourneFresh Bread in the Hills made by a real Italian BakerFresh meat pies available the the Italian Belgrave Bakery Meat PiesItalian Views and flavours at the local Bakery in Belgrave town, in the Dandenong Ranges Paintings with the views of the beautiful Italian Island of Capri, on the walls of the local Bakery in BelgraveItalian Pasticceria in Belgrave, Vic, in the Dandenong Ranges