Kids grow fast.

Very fast.

They are born, they are there, they smile, they cry. They put their first teeth. Next thing you know they are running around like crazy, exploring the world, living new adventures.

It’s amazing to see them growing, even for a stranger like your Photographer!

I met this beautiful Family for a Photo shooting session only six months ago and last Saturday I got to catch up again for another session (here are few pics from the previous session 🙂 )

It’s funny how for an adult may seem very odd to have two photo shooting sessions within six months. Yet, if you have kids, six months are a very long time.


‘Life isn’t about finding yourself.
It’s about creating yourself.’
George Bernard Shaw


Baby Emmeline was just 4 months old last time. Now she is 10. She is almost walking. She is moving on her own and interacting and she has 14 teeth. She is about the double of the size. Her hair have grown. And her eyes have a new sparkle in them. Emmeline has now 14 teeth (she still had none last time, although her toothless smile was as gorgeous!).

Celeste is 4 and a half now. She is a lot taller than I remember her. Her personality has changed in the past months: she is more confident and she is not shy in front of the camera anymore. Her curiosity is incredible: she spent the whole session running around, chasing me and asking to see every single photo that I was taking. She photobombed so many pictures and I laughed so much when going through all the photos back home. She is so real and authentic. I love her enthusiasm and her strong character.

Bertie and Christian look amazingly the same. Yet, I can believe so many things have changed for them too.

Enjoy this little selection of photos! 🙂


Baby Emmeline is almost about to stand up and start walking Candid Family photo of a Family Pic Nic session in the Dandenong Ranges. Photo by Erika's Way Photography Mum and Daughter laughs. Copyright Erika's Way Photography Family picnic in the Dandenong Ranges Mum smiling proud and happy at her daugher Mum looking proud at her daughter Baby Emmeline and her Mum. By Erika's Way Photography Candid shot of Emmeline, playing with her Mum. Photo by Erika's Way Father and daughter walking together with the family dogs in a park in the Dandenong Ranges Cassanda, the family cocker spaniel Baby Emmeline eating an apple Cheeky close up of 4 years old Celeste looking at the camera Dad lifting his little daughter up in the air. Fun and cheecky moment between father and daughter Father and daughter's love and cuddles at Alfred Nicholas Garden Cuddles with Dad at Alfred Nicholas Garden. Family Photography in the Dandenong Ranges by Erika's Way PhotographyDad kissing gently his one year old daughterCandid shot of CelesteCeleste singing 'Let it go" from 'Frozen"Baby Emmeline and her dog Baby EmmelineFamily Photo shooting in the Dandenong RangesBaby Emmeline looking at the camera, safe in her Dad's arms. By Erika's Way Family PhotographerFamily walk at Alfred Nicholas Garden. Family Photography by Erika's WayA family with two little girls and their two dogs having a pic nic at Alfred Nicholas Garden. Photo by Erika's Way4 years old photo bombing the Family Photo shooting session


These photos, for me, are just perfect.

They tell the most beautiful story: a story of love, a story of great beginnings, a story of adventures lived in real life and in first person.

I can see so much of everyone’s character and personality. No need to add subtitles, no need to add filters.

I feel honoured I was there. Not just as a professional, but also as a human: it’s amazing to see and feel family connections like this one.

What if it was you?

I don’t see why not.

 Contact me here: let’s meet, let’s go for a walk,

let’s capture your Family, your moments, your emotions.