Three little Australian Silky Terrier Puppies

Last year I got asked to do a photo shooting and the related website of a gorgeous little family of Australian Silky Terries for a local breeder (here you can find the post and few photos from that session).

And this year here we are again for the new litter!

The Puppies in the photos are just 35 days old and yet so responsive and curious. Super cute!!!!! 🙂


Two Australian Silky Terrier puppies black and white photo Silky Terrier puppies 35 days old Australian Silky Terrier puppy exploring the backyard copyright Erika's Way Photography Silky Terrier puppy playing with a big hand Australian Silky Terrier Puppy and a human Australian Silky Terrier puppy exploring Rob's beardAustralian Silky Terrier puppy looking at the camera in the garden Super cute Australian Silky Terrier puppy Puppy in the garden Australian Silky Terrier puppy portrait Australian Silky Terrier puppy in a little girl's arms Australian Silky Terrier female dog


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  1. Nicola McGavin

    Your second photo is being used by a scammer in Canberra region to sell fake pups.

    • 🙁 That would be awful! I hope this scammer has been reported! I can assure you these puppies are more than real and they are from the most amazing Family based in a Farm just outside Melbourne. I couldn’t recommend Liz and her puppies more.

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