Around Christmas things can get quite crazy. This past Christmas has been incredibly crazy for me but also amazingly rewarding. I got the chance to catch up with a lot of people and to visit new places. I mean, seriously, what else could be better?

So let’s start with what happened just few days before Christmas, when I found out we were going to finish work a day before I thought. An extra holiday-day! That’s something that literally opens up a new range of opportunities, especially as we had some commitments for Christmas day and we knew we had to be back home.

A quick look at the weather forecast, a quick check into different options and I turn to my Partner, Rob: “Darling, how about we go three days hiking at the Prom? We can have everything packed up on Wednesday so we can leave on Thursday straight after work!”

Rob: “Sure…”

I was already very excited. Rob wasn’t. But it’s ok, plenty of time and opportunity to change his mind during the hike. Besides, here I was booking the campgrounds.

So here we go. We leave Melbourne around 5.00 PM, drive straight to the Prom, with a tiny little break due to Koala-on-a-pine-tree spotting along the road.

Koala on a tree in Gippsland

We start the hike that is sunset. The light is amazing. No time for Photos, sadly.

We hike and hike, up and down the hills. With the light fading away slowly, slowly. It’s dark, yet the ferns around us are still reflecting some light and it looks like they are almost glowing.

When we get to Sealers cove beach is pitch dark. We walk in south direction, following all the steps in the sand. It’s really quite incredible. No sounds, no other sign of humans.

Just before the Campground we have to cross a river. It’s quite small this time of the year and it really easy to cross (the water doesn’t get over my knee in the deepest point, and no, I’m not really tall).

We reach our first stop: Sealers Cove Campground.

The following morning is quite foggy, perfect temperature to start the day. We take couple of shots around the campground and we are ready to pack up and go.

Backpacks for a three days hike at Wilsons Prom Refuge Cove sign from Sealers Cove Campground at the Prom River Water at Sealers Cove Campground ©Erika's Way Photography Playing on the rock at Sealers Cove, Wilsons Prom, Victoria Sealers Cove beach, Wilsons Promontory National Park ©Erika's Way Sealers Cove view from the Campground at Wilsons Prom Morning clouds at the Prom from Sealers Cove

By the time we reach Refuge cove, the sky is clear and the sea is showing off with amazing shades and colours.

Refuge Cove viewHiking in the Australian bush at Wilson's Prom National ParkWilson's Prom National Park, South Eastern Circuit ©Erika's Way Photography Amazing colours at Little Waterloo Bay Little Waterloo Bay, Wilson's PromSummer flowers at the Prom, Gippsland, Victoria

Final destination for DAY-2: LITTLE WATERLOO BAY.

The hike is actually longer that it looks. After Refuge Cove, there’s a nice up-hill that brings us close to the summit of Kersops Peak. After that is down-hill, but it’s still a bit of going up and down, crossing amazing beaches and hiking among incredible wobbly trees.

As soon as we get to Little Waterloo Bay we set up Camp, we start socialising with couple of friendly neighbours and we go for a swim. Well, we go to the beach in swimwear. Then we spend about half an hour convincing ourself to get into the water. Rob is not really happy about the overall temperature. Let’s say it’s a bit cold.

Sea to Summit silicone cookware, great for hiking


Little Waterloo Bay is the perfect sunrise spot. So as soon as I sense some light from outside the tent, I find my way to the beach. As at the third day of a three day hike, I’m sort of sore everywhere, so I’m kind of limping a bit. But you, know, for an amazing sunrise at a remote and deserted beach, I can do this and more.

And yes, I’m definitely rewarded. The sunrise is quite a show.

Sunrise over Little Waterloo Bay Sunrise at Little Waterloo Bay, Wilson's PromSunrise from Little Waterloo Baywaves in the firsts lights of the day, at Little Waterloo Bay Beach at Little Waterloo bay CampgroundThree days hiking at the Prom Hiking at the Prom, South Eastern Circuit Waterloo Bay in the morning, Wilson's Promontory National Park

Waterloo Bay is almost more impressive than Little Waterloo Bay. There is a little river crossing here too.

Waterloo BayHiking at the PromHiking towards Telegraph Saddle Car Park

The last part of the hike is along the management service road, the same one that goes down to the lighthouse. It gets a bit more interesting towards the end, closer to the Car Park.

As we left the campground quite early, to avoid the afternoon heat, we are at Telegraph Saddle Car Park just before 12PM.  And yes, Rob did change his mind about the hike. By the end of it he is definitely as excited as I am. Can’t wait for the next trip!!!! 🙂
three days hike south eastern circuit at the Prom