The past month of September was a very busy month for me. Not as in work related busy, but as in Family related busy. My Father came to visit all the way from Italy and our weekends have been quite intense, wandering around the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, where I live, and Melbourne.

Useless to say that my father loved all the sceneries and all in all he had a nice holiday.

There are moments that are worth live through your owns eyes and with all your soul and emotions and not a black box, so I didn’t always have my camera with me, but I was lucky enough to have it in few places we’ve been and I thought of sharing few pics, in case you are looking for inspiration for places around Melbourne where to take a visitor, a relative, or just a loved one. 🙂

We are lucky to live in such an amazing piece of this world. Enjoy the photos! …And don’t forget to go visit these places in person!!!!!!!!!! 😛

Dandenong Ranges

William Ricketts Sanctuary

William Ricketts SanctuaryWelcome to Ricketts Sanctuary Ferns in the Dandenong Rnages Ricketts Sanctuary: a MUST visit in Olinda, Dandenong Ranges Clay sculptures at William Ricketts SanctuaryOlinda must visit places: Ricketts SancuaryExplore the Dandenong RangesWilliam Ricketts Amazing clay sculptures nested in the Dandenong Ranges William Ricketts and his Mother Easy day trip discovering the most beautiful spots around MelbourneExploring the Dandenong Ranges as a Tourist Dandenong Ranges Mother Nature: Ricketts Sanctuary, Olinda, Melbourne Amazing places to visit in Melbourne: Olinda, Ricketts Sanctuary

Olinda Rhododendron Garden

Cherry Blossom in Melbourne Cherry Blossom in the Olinda Rhododendron Gardens, Melbourne Cherry Blossom FlowersCherry Blossom in OlindaVisiting Olinda Rhododendron Gardens Cloudy day exploring spring blossom in the Dandenong Ranges Hills Extraordinary life in a cherry tree A flower from my Husband Daffodils and Cherry Blossom at the Rhododendron Gardens in Olinda, MelbourneExploring the most Beautiful Gardens in the Dandenong Ranges Spring Blooming Gardens in teh Dandenong Ranges

Mornington Peninsula

Point Nepean

Melbourne Bay from Point NeapeanMelbourne Bay from Point Nepean Coastal landscapes in Mornington Peninsula Sunset from the beach around Melbourne Sunset in Melbourne from the spectacular Point Nepean in Mornington PeninsulaWhere to take a visitor around Melbourne Mornington Peninsula amazing sea view Bass Strait view from Point Nepean, Mornington Peninsula Dead branches. Walks around Point Nepean. Coastal flora around Point NepeanSun setting at behind point Nepean, Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne Sky reflections pink and cloudy sunset sky reflecting in the quiet waters around Point Nepean, Melbourne Sunset reflecting in the water at Point Nepean Exploring the fort at Point Nepean, MelbournePoint Nepean at Sunset. amazing clouds show from Point Nepean at sunset Sunset clouds Melbourne Bay from Point Neapean

Macedon Ranges

Hanging Rock

From the top of Hanging Rock, around Mt MacedonView from Hanging RockAmazing tree growing through the boulders in Hanging Rock Moss around Hanging Rock Ferns Discovering Hanging Rock