“I’d rather be on a Farm than be Emperor of the world.”

George Washington


I am so thrilled about this Photo shooting. I was asked to take some photos of ‘a normal day’ in this Farm in Silvan.

This Farm is very special for me: it was actually my home for a short period of time, way back long time ago, when I moved away from the City (and never looked back!) and I moved to the countryside, looking for Farm work to renew my visa. I learnt so much there, met amazing people, had many dinner parties. So many incredible memories.

It was just great to be able to catch up with the beautiful Farmers Andrew and Trish and with their animals.

Enjoy the photos!

Alpaca living in a Farm in Silvan Alpaca Detail of the face of an Alpaca Farmer feeding her Alpacas Feeding the Alpacas Alpaca looking at the camera Alpacas eating lunch in the little shed portait of an Alpaca Lonely seat in the Hills, in a warm sunny Autumn day. Chickens! Chickens feeding time portrait of a Chicken Figs getting ready to be picked olive ready on an olive tree teepee tent Autumn colours and a teepee tent teepee tent and the Yarra Valley Yarra Valley view from Silvan sunflowers red snow-peas violet snowpeas Farmer in Silvan Loyal dog and his Framer in a plastic House Farmer in the plastic house Green-House yellow flower sunflower yellow and red colours amazing view in Silvan, VicFarmer rubbing her dog's belly Farmer drying the laundry at the sun with her loyal dog straight trees in Silvan, Vic Thinking Buddha Bees

What if it was you?

I don’t see why not.

If you are a Farmer and you are proud of all your hard work, your Family and your animals,

and you would like some photos that show how amazing is what’s around you, then let’s get in touch!

 Contact me here: let’s meet, let’s go for a walk around your property

let’s capture your Family, your animals, your produce, your life.