Photos of an evening at Cape Paterson in search of amazing light, beautiful landscapes and some peace and quite. I think I ticked everything for once! There’s even a little glimpse of an Aurora Australis, showing a bit shy among the clouds.

Enjoy the picture! And if you get the chance, please do find time to go in first person to view all this! You’ll may feel a bit tired the day after…but it’s totally worth it!!!!! 🙂

Sunset at Cape Paterson ©Erika's Way Photography super still water among the rocks at Cape Paterson at Sunsetthe blue hour from a beach along the coast in Victoria, Australia ©Erika's Way Photography Cape Paterson, Victoria, Australia just after sunset ©Erika's Way Photography last lights of the day from the beach at Cape Paterson ©Erika's Way Photography Glimpse of an Aurora Australis at Cape Paterson, Victoria, Australia ©Erika's Way Photography Starry night over a rockery beach, Cape Paterson, Melbourne ©Erika's Way Photography Milky Way over Victoria's amazing rock formations ©Erika's Way Photography