My neighbours wanted something special as a Christmas Card for this year. As we live in the Hills, we thought it was a good idea to find some outdoor location and take some photos with everyone. And what better location than Mt Dandenong with the lights of Melbourne by night?

Dandenong Ranges Family Photo-Shooting ©Erika's Way PhotographyNight view of Melbourne from Mt Dandenong with a family holding hands ©Erika's Way Photography

The night we picked was very cloudy, with a full moon hiding in the coroner. Yet, the city lights were clear. The photos turned out with a very interesting misty effect, that I think it’s quite appropriate for Christmas.

Family Photos for a Christmas Card ifrom the Dandenong Ranges ©Erika's Way Photography

I especially love this shot above. We were trying to get a shot with everyone’s hands up in the air, forming a heart shape. It was dark and I couldn’t see who was where. I just knew the person in the middle wasn’t getting the right shape, so I asked: ‘the person in the middle make a better heart shape, please!’

Yes, ok, the sentence did not sound very polite. But it sounded hilarious for the situation. So here is Zoe in the middle bent from laughing and Mia on the side moving her hands, trying to stop laughing as well! I really love the fact that somehow you can tell it was a funny situation, even if you can only see dark silhouettes in the night.

Merry Christmas from the Dandenong Ranges ©Erika's Way Photography
Night Family Photo-Shooting in the Dandenong Ranges ©Erika's Way Photography Family drawing hearts in the air in front of the skyline of Melbourne by night ©Erika's Way Photography Family Photo-Shooting with the lights of Melbourne by night ©Erika's Way Photography

There were some family friends visiting that night, so we had few pictures with them as well!

Holding hands in front of Melbourne by night ©Erika's Way Photography hands in the air to form hearts while looking at the City of Melbourne ©Erika's Way Photography Melbourne by night under a storm of clouds and a full moon ©Erika's Way Photography