Third trip to Japan. Amazing.

Every time there is always a new adventure waiting.

This time, we start the trip in Hiroshima. It’s Saturday, and all around the Castle and the Park are lots of food stalls. While we are walking around we meet a little school group and the kids offer us this map. They made the map themselves! It’s so well done that we decide to spend the first part of our trip following it: Miyajima, Ōkunshima, Seto inlet islands.

map of hiroshima prefecture drawn by primary school kids primary school japanese kids drew a map of Hiroshima area Hiroshima tourist map



This City is absolutely full of surprises, starting with beautiful little hikes within walking distance from the JR Train Station.

The Castle, during the weekend, is surrounded by markets and food stalls. Walking through the City itself is very pleasant, with parks, walking paths along the river and Museums.

Osaka in Autumn ©Erika's Way PhotographyView of the city of HiroshimaAutumn in Hiroshima Traditional photo of the A-Bomb Dom from the Peace memorial Park, Hiroshima, Japan Hiroshima, A-Bomb Dome Peace Memorial Museum, Hiroshima, Japan Basketball game night in Hiroshima, JapanPuppy in Hiroshima



One of the things I love the most about Japan is the fact that even in the most popular, super-busy and crowded places you can still manage to find your own space and enjoy the day. Miyajima is one of the most popular tourist destinations, yet, as soon as we start walking inside the forest, past the crowded local shopping area, we are alone. From time to time along the way we meet some humans or some deer.

Miyajima island in the morningfive storey Pagoda, Miyajima island, JapanAutumn Leaves in Miyajima islandMale Deer in Mt Misen, Miyajima island Female deer along the hike to Mt Misen, Miyajima island Deer in the forest, mt Misen, Miyajima island, Japan Deers in Miyajima island Deer in Miyajima island Detail of a Deer in Miyajima island Hot boiled water from fire in Mt Misen, Miyajima island Prayers candles, Mt Misen, Miyajima island Funny sculptures in Mt Misen, Miyajima island View from Mt Misen, Miyajima island View from Mt Misen in a clear day, Miyajima island, Japan Sun setting over Miyajima island Sunset overMiyajima island Floating Tori at Miyajima island Spectacular Sunset ove the floating Tori at Miyajima island Red Tori at Miyajima island sunset, Miyajima island


Exploring the Seto inlet Islands

Busy, busy day! Hence, very few photos. 🙁

We rent the bicycles just outside Onomichi train station and we are ready to start the trip!

Cycling along the Seto Inlet Sea Seto Inland Sea cycling ©Erika's Way Photography Bike ride along Seto Inland Sea ©Erika's Way PhotographyFerry across Okunoshima Island

We ride for about 40km. Once we get to Omishima Island we catch the ferry across Ōkunoshima Island, the well known Island populated by thousands of bunnies!


‘I think I saw a rabbit’

Elmer Fudd

A friendly rabbit at Ōkunoshima ©Erika's Way

The amazing part of this island is its past. During World Was II the island was the base for a secret Poison Gas Factory. The ruins of the gas manufacturing plant are still there, creating a very strong contrast with today’s peaceful and cute image.

Ōkunoshima Island, Gas Factory ruins ©Erika's WayRabbit at Ōkunoshima ©Erika's WayBunny Island, Japan ©Erika's Way Rabbit in Rabbit Island, Ōkunoshima Island, Japan ©Erika's Way Rabbit Island, Japan ©Erika's Way Bunnies at Ōkunoshima ©Erika's Way Battery at Ōkunoshima ©Erika's Way Gas Plant ruins and Rabbits at Ōkunoshima Island, Japan ©Erika's Way


Today it’s raining. so it’s actually nice to spend most of the day on a train. Amanohashidate is in North Kyoto Prefecture, on the other side of the coast. When we arrive is incredibly misty around us. Big white clouds move slowly through the hills. It’s actually a really nice atmosphere!

sculpture in a temple in Amanohashidate ©Erika's Way Photography Temple in Ama-No-Ashidate, Japan ©Erika's Way Photography Temple entrance in Amanihashidate Amanohashidate view ©Erika's Way Photography Bamboo forest in Amanohashidate ©Erika's Way Photography


Beppu is the southern-most point we get in this trip. We walk most of the day, getting lost in this beautiful ‘steaming’ city, visiting ‘Hells’ and Bath Houses.

Hot Spring boiled egg and fresh corn Umi Jigoku, Beppu, Japan ©Erika's Way Photography Sculpture just outside Beppu train station, Japan Hot spring boiled noodles in Beppu, Japan Traditional noodles in Beppu, Japan Sweet potato boiled in hot spring water in Beppu, Japan Umi Jogoku, Blue hell, Beppu, Japan blooming flower in the green house at Umi Jigoku, Beppu, Japan ©Erika's Way Photography green house at Umi Jigoku, Beppu, Japan ©Erika's Way Photography Red Hell, Umi Jigoku, Beppu, Japan ©Erika's Way Photography Steaming Hell, Umi Jigoku, Beppu, Japan ©Erika's Way Photography


Where Contemporary art meets the sea.

Naoshima Island is an incredible example of the power of Art. The island has been re-evaluated in the past few years under a very contemporary point of view, with exhibitions, Museums, permanent and temporary art pieces of any form. Yet, a special attention has been paid in not disturbing anyhow the surrounding natural landscape. The result is really amazing.

Yayoi Kusama, Naoshima Island, Japan ©Erika's Way Photography Yellow Pumpkin by Yayoi Kusama, Naoshima Island, Japan Naohima island, along the beach Yellow Pumpkin Contemporary art Bath House christmas decorations in Naoshima IslandRed Pumpking contemporary art piece

If you got all the way down to the end of the post, don’t miss next week post, with the second part of our trip to Japan!!!!!!!! 🙂