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I chose you.


It’s a very busy day at the Melbourne Registry and there is almost a queue to step inside. We are waiting outside, taking few pictures and getting to know each others. I only got the chance to speak to Cristina couple of times over the phone, when she called me looking for a Photographer for her Wedding, but I never seen them before today.

Cristina is just stunning. there is no other word to describe her. She is not just beautiful: her smile is radiant, her voice soft and full of emotions.

Salvatore is so happy he can barely stand still for few seconds. He is talking over the phone to his parents and to his Family live in FaceTime from Italy: he is showing the Registry Building and the street and the colour of the sky. He even introduces me to all of them.

We are still waiting, so we start chatting a bit. That’s when Salvatore looks at me and says:

“You know, I met Cristina the fist time at a friend’s place and I was just speechless. I knew I had to see her again.”

He is a bit emotional, his eyes are sparkling.

After that first casual meeting, many more followed.

Now they are here, in Melbourne. They moved to Australia together for a little life adventure to the other side of the world.

Today is even more special: Cristina and Salvatore are getting MARRIED.


Enjoy the photos! 🙂

Wedding Photography at the Melbourne Registry in Melbourne bride and groom laughing and joking: candid moments before entering the Melbourne Registry to get married Cristina and Salvatore's Wedding at the Melbourne RegistryStunning Bride and Groom before the Melbourne Registry Bride and groom in Melbourne one last kiss before the Wedding in front of the Melbourne Registrybouquet of white, light pink and purple flowers for a beautiful bride Bride and Groom selfie! Photo by Erika's Way Photography Couple in love moments before getting married at the Melbourne Registry. Photo by Erika's Way Photography Bride and Groom and Bride's Parents Wedding high heels shoes for the BrideFar away Relatives that could not make it to the Wedding, present live in FaceTime.Waving 'hi' to the aunty live in the phone in FaceTime Bride talking to relativesBride wlking casually in the streets in Melbourne Laughing Bride. Photo bu Erika's Way Photography, Melbourne based Wedding and Family Photographer Bride showing her tongue to the camera Gorgeous Bride. Photo by Erika's Way Photography Beautiful BrideTalking to relatives over the phone just moments before the WeddingBride and groom in front of the Melbourne Registry. Natural Photos for a special day.Couple about to enter the Melbourne registry for their WeddingEntering Thomas Hyde Room for a small Wedding, Melbourne, Australia Family members from Italy watching the Wedding Ceremony at the Melbourne Registry in Melbourne from FaceTime. Photo by Erika's WayFamily and relatives in Facetime watching the WeddingBridal bouquet Wedding Celebrant from the Melbourne Registry Bride and groom talking to the celebrant and finding their spot in Thomas Hide Room Ringsrelatives in FaceTime from the mobile Phone ready to be there for their son/nephew/cousin Wedding in MelbourneCelebrant, Bride and Groom and two witnesses in Thomas Hyde Room at the Melbourne Registry of Marriages exchange of the rings: Bride putting the ring on her Groom's finger Bride and Groom holding Hands while pronouncing their vowes Bride and Groom pronouncing their vowessmiling Bride Bride hugging her Father Happy faces of Bride and groom just married First Kiss First kiss, just married! Melbourne Registry Wedding Bride and Groom signing the official Papers at the Melbourne Registry bouquet and Marriage Certificate Melbourne Wedding Certificate Groom signing the marriage certificate signing the paperworksWitness Groom and his Wedding ring Bride and Groom and the Celebrant Civil Celebrant in Melbourne signing all the paperworksHusband and WifeHusband and Wife under a tree in a Park in Melbourne Couple newly married Erika's Way Wedding PhotographyCivil Wedding in Melbourne at the Melbourne Registry Office Wedding couple in the park just outside the Melbourne RegistryLaughing and joking between Wife and Husband Wedding Rings Family portrait with hands up in the air Husband and Wife and her Mum and DadHusband and Wife shoes bouquet holding hands with the wedding rings Wedding Rings Couple on a bench in the ParkWedding Rings amongs the leavesHusband tying his jacket Husband and Wife kissingBride waiting at the tram stop in the streets of MelbourneMother of the Bride on the Tram wedding couple on the CBD tram in Melbourne, Vic, Australia Husband and wife on the tram Husband and Wife taking the tram in Melbourne CBD Husband and Wife on the tram in MelbourneWife looking outside the tram windowNewly married couple madly in love in Melbourne City. Natural laights and emotions by Erika's Way PhotographyCouple in love kissing in Melbourne CBD Blue sky in Melbourne CBD Buildings and bare trees in Melbourne Collins street street signHusband and Wife walking along the streets in Melbourne, in Collins StreetEntering the Lui Bar in Collins Street First dancedark and cozy atmosphere while entering The Lui Bar in Collins Street in MelbourneView of the Bay from The Lui Bar View of the city from the Lui Bar Stunning View of Melbourne from The Lui Bar Eureka tower viewed from the Lui BarWife the mum of the Bride details of hands and rings and special sharms Bride, detail of the hands the bouquet with purple, cream white, green colour the Father of the BrideThe Lui Bar alcool The Lui Bar, interiorsHusband and Wife in the terrace of the Lui Bar in Collins Street, Melbourne people and view of the Lui Bar melting ice cube at The Lui Bar ice cube in the Lui Bar Husband and Wife in the sunset light in the terrace of The Lui Bar, Collins Street, Melbourne husband and wife in Melbourne Bride sweetly kissing her groom on the cheekjust married wifeserving prosecco at The Lui Bar Prosecco at The Lui Bar Cheers with the Photographer View of Melbourne after the storm group Photo bride in black and white beautiful smilebubbles prosecco and bouquet Mum and Dad of the Bride happy Husband details and the fingers and the wedding ringHusband and Wife and night view of the city husband and wife neon lightsHusband and Wife kissing in the city night view


Who: Cristina&Salvatore

What: Melbourne Wedding

Where: Melbourne Registry & The Lui Bar

When: in a beautiful winter day

Why: Just Love


These photos, for me, are just perfect.

They tell the most beautiful story: a story of love, a story of great beginnings, a story of adventures lived in real life and in first person.

I can see so much of everyone’s character and personality. No need to add subtitles, no need to add filters.

I feel honoured I was there. Not just as a professional, but also as a human: it’s amazing to see and feel family connections like this one.


What if it was you?

I don’t see why not.

 Contact me here: let’s meet, let’s go for a walk,

let’s capture your Family, your moments, your emotions.